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mimi's weekly quotes

"the best way to predict the future is to invent it"

                         -alan kay


take the vow

in keeping with the idea of new beginnings this new year, i had the ellen show on this morning while waiting for the tow truck to come get my car from my parent's house, and she had on deepak chopra. he was talking about a vow of non-violence he is attempting to spread around to 100,000,000 people! it entails non-violence through your actions, thoughts, and words, which i know can be a challenge to me sometimes (road rage anyone?). i have however, taken the vow, and feel very positive about it, and wanted to put it out there to anyone else who may be interested. just think if we could all get one person to take this vow how much happier and more positive the world could be!

peace, joy, & love

here's the site...


jen & ray in martha stewart weddings!



check out the january issue of martha stewart weddings to see an article about jen & ray, and their wedding this past summer in california!!!



alright, so i can not even believe it is 2009!! new year's eve was tons of fun with lauren, sledge, and mike out in utah! it is sad though when no one wants to stay up to watch the ball drop... we'll just blame it on the crazy skiing day we had! ;) to start off 2009, i had decided to stop drinking milk and stop eating cheese. for those of you who know me well... this will be a HUGE undertaking for me! i usually go through at least a gallon of milk a week, not to mention the amount of cheese i eat! we'll have to see how i fend...
the idea sprouted from the book skinny bitch ( ), which i finished reading on the flight back from utah. i had started reading it in august when i was in charlotte with all my ih girls, and finally got around to buying myself a copy over break. has anyone else read it? any thoughts? i personally found the quotes from slaughterhouse workers horrifying!!
so my goal for at least the next month is to completely cut out milk and cheese... anyone want to bet me i can't do it?! anyone else have any exciting new year's resolutions?


new cupcakes

here are the OH-SO-YUMMY chocolate-mayo cupcakes with caramel icing i made emily for her birthday! i know, i know, the mayo sounds weird, but it just makes the cake so moist! i think chad ate them in maybe two bites!