having fun decorating cupcakes until 4am!
Sunday, April 12, 2009 at 02:49PM

a friend, sarah, from school asked me to make her two dozen cupcakes for a pilates event she had this weekend so laurel and i stayed up until 3am friday night having fun decorating these!!  i did one dozen chocolate and one dozen white cupcakes... for the chocolate cupcakes, six had mint buttercream with mint leaves on top, six had my favorite caramel icing with brown sugar on top.  the white cupcakes had six with the same lemon buttcream i used on mom's birthday cake, and six had some old cookies and cream icing i had left over in the freezer which looked icky after i remixed it unfortunately.  all-in-all, they went over very well, and everyone loved them!!  AND, laurel and i had a blast making them!!

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