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i love dirt!


admist my retail therapy this past sunday, something i hadn't done in a lond time, i found a book called, i love dirt!.  it is a book describing 32 activities to get mom's and their kids outdoors and discover nature.  granted i am not a mom yet, but i thought it could still offer me some fun ideas to help me meet my goal of getting outside more.  the foreward of the book is written by richard louv, who is the author of last child in the woods, which has sparked a grassroots movement accross the nation to get kids out of the house.  the foreward talks briefly about some of the statistics stated in his book about non-structured outdoor play for children and how this can significantly decrease some of the most prevelant problems kids face today: obesity, add, and depression. 

he also mentions an organization that has become thoroughly involved in the movement called leave no child inside.  i have often said that when i do have children, they will be outside every chance i can get them out, and that i'd rather have them covered head-to-toe in mud, than sitting in front of video games all day.  i know these games have their draws from moms sometimes, being something to occupy their kids while they get thousands of chores done around the house, but i loved being outside as a kid and i want the same for my kids.  one of my favorite activities growing up was going down to ashley cooper's creek and exploring for hours on end until we would finally hear her mom yelling at us to come in for dinner.  in the summer time i spent my days at the swim club from 8am-4pm... thus the green glow coming off my hair in some pictures!  i even remember getting in trouble in middle school for going puddle jumping with kari wichinski during our lunch break. 

so, i have found my charitable organization i would love to become more involved in!!  i will keep all of you posted with events for the cincinnati chapter of leave no child inside, and with my sure-to-come new adventures outdoors!  what are some of yall's favorite outdoor memories as a kid?  i would love to compile a list from as many people as possible and do something creative with it so send me your memories!!!

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