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new life goals

this past week has been one of soul searching... amidst the routine of life i seem to have lost sight of who i am as in individual (easily done in today's fast paced world).  i am soon to become certified as a chef, and will then graduate in june.  over the past two years my goals have been more focused on school and finding a job i enjoy.  i thoroughly enjoy working at garnish catering, and school is soon to be a goal i will have accomplished.  so the question is, what about the next five years?  in true secret form, i'm going to put all of my goals in to statements as opposed to just possibilites...

1- i will live in the same house for at least two years

2- i will save the money i have spent from my savings since starting school

3- i will take one big trip abroad each year

4- open a cupcake shop

5- get outside at least three days a week

6- i will become more involved in charity work again

7- i will write in my journal at least five days a week

8- i will take alfie for a walk everyday, rain or shine

9- i will have my photography published

10- i will read a book a month


 i'll keep ya'll posted on how and when i will accomplish them all!  wish me luck!!


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